My Diary

Honestly, I don’t have a clear idea about why and how people write a diary. Also, I don’t have any clue what they write in it. If you wish to think the pieces I have written down here are directly plucked from a real form of a diary with a hardcover, and date assigned to its pages, I am afraid I upset you.

What I think of a diary is rather something that captures the timeline of the evolution of one’s thinking and attitude towards life. It is sort of a history of yourself, where you can look back later and realize how much you have been changed and you get a chance to reinterpret or reevaluate certain aspects.

What I include here are those small notes or conversations (or any random shits) which pretty much suddenly pop up in my mind. Not necessarily they are directly linked to any recent happening in my surrounding world (unlike the status updates). Naturally, they are highly subjective and temporary. Temporary in the sense that the changed ‘I’ does not subscribe to all of them.

Here you go.

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