Unlike my status updates or the diary, these are the result of a bit more work and digging through resources or at least a result of more coherent thinking. And consequently, more often than not they are toward the longer and fattier side than you may ideally like. (Shortest introduction to the section containing the longest form of posts in this site!)

Why Heroes Fall

Why do men willingly sacrifice their lives for a moment of glory they will never experience? Is it a quest to defy death, to live beyond mortality through heroism? Is this even a valid question? Is the underlying social construction, the power game, a truth to discover for her? Is…
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A Ph.D. life in perspective

A Ph.D. student is a person amongst emotionally the most vulnerable section of the population, going through a most vulnerable training process for one of the most vulnerable career options, during the most vulnerable phase of his/her life. Let’s try to understand what might go wrong with them.
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