Well, this site is maintained by the founding director who has the final say on everything happening here. Not a single ‘dot’ or ‘comma’ can be put in the text without his intervention. He decides which are the shitty things he wants to think about, he thinks deeply 1, reads a lot and eventually spews here – primarily in Bengali (sometime in English).

We have a translator who translates the things into the other language, and tries to sound cool while he is not, and spends most of the time looking for appropriate words in the thesaurus rather than actually typing the things out, and gets confused about what to put as SEO keywords and excerpt of the piece.

And we have the editor cum ‘handle-every-technical-things’ guy who edits the text and finally posts in the site and checks that things are fine, and spends a lot of his time to maintain the sites.

We have one advertiser who reaches out to the people whoever he remembers faintly and say, ‘hey why don’t you postpone the important things you are doing for your life and instead check out this new post which has appeared recently in our website which even google, ‘the-find-everything-grandpa’, does not care about to take a note of!’


For the time being all these four persons have one single name and that is Pratap Chandra Adak. But we wanted to sound like a team so that you don’t consider this site as a random blog of a random guy roaming randomly in a random part of this random planet. Did I say it? Oops!

PS. The actual thing you might be looking for is probably ‘about me‘ which you can find here.

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