(Not) Frequently asked questions

Hey, thanks fro passing by. I never expected you to come this far! Before we start talking here are few questions which no one has ever asked me.

Hmm, so here is another website?

Yeah, today I have created one among the half-million new sites. They say there are already one billion sites on the world web and 10-15% are currently active. This huge number makes me pretty nervous, you know. BTW, thanks for calling mine a website though.

Then what is the point in making another one?

Well, I have not thought about that much. It was quite boring to post status on the Facebook wall. I thought it will be more fun to try out something new. At least, for now, it is giving me a chilling feeling to try out different things of web development and content management.

It’s OK. Any sane person can handle that and children can enjoy the process. But don’t you have anything else in your mind?

About what? I think I got your question. I am here definitely not to earn a penny. I often rack my head about different things during the time I procrastinate before doing the actual things I am supposed to do in my actual profession. I told you that I am already bored to post them on Facebook. That sounds too intimidating to me. I thought this will be an isolated place to write them down and chew them in my spare time.

Did you sound that you don’t expect any reader?

Did I? Well, I do not know what my expectation is. But I am sure that for a while apart from my best buddy, my father’s single son, and the husband of my mom-in-law’s daughter, no one will land up here.

Why don’t you keep a diary then?

I am not sure about this question also. Maybe the narcissistic guy deep inside me has put up a flag that having a website in my own name is something cool. Can we change the topic, please?

Congratulation for your honest confession. But no one can survive without a genuine idea.

Hey, I am not in any type of survival battle here. I already told you that I just want to express my thought. I really do not care if there is any listener or not. I guess that is clear from the title of the site itself.

Please do not get me wrong. I am really impressed by some of the posts. Though I must confess, most of the others are rubbish.

I think I will take this as a compliment. I am already surprised that you have come thus far. You have started impressing me by asking these questions, BTW!

Hey, don’t flirt with me without knowing my gender! So what do you do in your real life?

Did you mean this is not a part of my real life! Anyway, I am currently a Ph.D. student in physics. But I am not too confident to talk about that kind of stuff here. You know, I just wanna keep this place a little different. I will do my real thing in my real life. But here I will come now and then to take a fresh breath. This place will be …

Are you trying to sound poetic now?

Did I? Sorry sorry.

Anyway, I think I am more confused after interacting with you.

Sorry again to hear that. I think we should then stop now. We can chat any time though if you really wish. I would like you to put your thought in the comment box of the post you may have liked a little bit.

Okay, not sure if I will have time. Any way, carry on. Bye.

Ok, bye.

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