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I am – well, let’s postpone that for a while and jump in the business right away. Every now and then my brain stumbles upon random stuffs. Sometime I note them down in my diary. Depending on my mood, I often throw one or two status updates into the social media. If I find some time out of my real job, I end up digging about some topics, and then vomit them in the name of writing articles. Here I stack all those things in this site. 

At this moment if you really have nothing important in your life to spend your time on, I offer to have a quick walk through these random things.

Best wishes for your journey!!

Oh yes, before I forget, most of the posts are originally in Bengali. If you wish, you can change the language from the menu.

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These are generally those Facebook sort of things – what all the people around are buzzing about – not that well thought – rather spontaneous outbreak of emotion stuffed with what media feeds us. To find all of them visit this page.

Recent articles:

Here I rack my head somewhat more – and typically end up in a long piece filled with subjective shits. I still like them. You can find the full list here.

A Ph.D. life in perspective

A Ph.D. student is a person amongst emotionally the most vulnerable section of the population, going through a most vulnerable training process for one of the most vulnerable career options, during the most vulnerable phase of his/her life. Let's try to understand what might go wrong with them.

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From my diary:

Oh! These are a bit closer to my heart. Cos this is a timeline of all those small sudden thoughts popping up in my mind. This captures the way my thinking is evolving. A history to look back later and feel how dumb-ass I was ‘those days’. The complete timeline is here.

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