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Here’s a heads up: my brain is like a pinball machine, bouncing around from one random thought to another. Sometimes these thoughts end up scribbled in my diary, other times they burst out as spontaneous status updates on social media. And on those rare days when my real job isn’t hogging all my time, I deep-dive into these ideas and they transform into the articles you’ll find here.

If you’ve got some time to kill and nothing else on your plate, why not join me on this quirky journey through my posts? And do let me know your thoughts.

Here’s to the randomness of life!

Oh yes, before I forget, some of the posts are originally in Bengali. If you wish, you can change the language from the menu.

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These are generally those Facebook sort of things – what all the people around are buzzing about – not that well thought – rather spontaneous outbreak of emotion stuffed with what media feeds us. To find all of them visit this page.

Recent articles:

Here I rack my head somewhat more – and typically end up in a long piece filled with subjective shits. I still like them. You can find the full list here.

A Ph.D. life in perspective


A Ph.D. student is a person amongst emotionally the most vulnerable section of the population, going through a most vulnerable training process for one of the most vulnerable career options, during the most vulnerable phase of his/her life. Let's try to understand what might go wrong with them.

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From my diary:

Oh! These are a bit closer to my heart. Cos this is a timeline of all those small sudden thoughts popping up in my mind. This captures the way my thinking is evolving. A history to look back later and feel how dumb-ass I was ‘those days’. The complete timeline is here.

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